I’m sharing in this Client success story of how my client went from feeling frustrated after making no new sales for 6 months, to FULLY BOOKED WITH A 3-MONTH WAITLIST.

I’ve always thought of my businesses as the vehicle to create a life I love by my own design, and that’s what I love love love helping my clients to create! So when this client came to me with the problem of not making sales, which was having an impact on her financial independence.

Comparisionitis which was effecting her confidence, and the feeling of frustration from existing clients who weren’t respecting her boundaries which meant she wasn’t getting the time she wanted to be present with her family, I was so excited to start working with her on her mindset, energy and strategic action™️ to get fully booked in a way that felt good to her, and got her more of what she wanted out of life.

she started her business to spend more time with her young children, but between social media marketing, spending precious time wondering where her next client was coming from, and dealing with her existing clients, she found herself not being able to be as present as she wanted to.


This client went from not making new sales for 6 months, to signing her first client within a matter of days, becoming fully booked within a few months and creating a 3-month waitlist of dream clients that she enjoyed working with, respected her boundaries and paid her well!

I supported her to implement systems and processes that allowed her to enjoy more time with her family, which is exactly what she started her business for in the first place. The life changing result that came out of my client’s journey was that she fully owned her worth and her confidence skyrocketed.

Just 2 years after working with me, she messaged me to tell me that due to the work we’d done together she’d been able to go on the mortgage and her and her husband were buying their dream home, so her children could live closer to their Grandparents!!


When this client came to me, she was experiencing comparisonitis, which was effecting her confidence. I helped her to see that subconsciously she’d made signing new clients mean more of what she didn’t want, instead of more of what she did, so she was starting to resent her business, which was affecting her results and her confidence. I helped her to focus on solving the REAL problems in her business that were leading her to feel this way, which was in fact her strategy!


By working on the right strategies, and ones that allowed her to tighten up on her boundaries, my client was able to protect and increase her energy, She felt a new sense of confidence that she brought to her marketing where she truly shined and attracted her tribe.

Strategic Action:

I helped this client get really clear on who she wanted to work with, we created offers that felt exciting for her to sell. I helped her find clarity on the messaging she felt aligned to and implement it in such a way that it would help her ideal clients get to a buying decision quickly.

I helped her with the strategies to get more visible and to grow and nurture her audience. Before our work together this client wasn’t confident selling, her fear of looking salesy meant she wasn’t selling enough in her business, I taught her the sales skills to sell her offers with ease, and to apply them in a way that felt natural and authentic to her.

We improved her communication with her clients throughout the onboarding, delivery and off boarding process, and we implemented systems and processes which helped to take some of the decision-making away, and therefore bring less of her emotion to the business, meaning things got done without draining her energy.

My Thoughts and takeaways:

1.) Boundaries are the bed rock to a well functioning business with happy clients and a happy and successful business owner. Without them, you may wind up with a business you want to burn to the ground.

2.) When we take away the amount of decisions we have to make by introducing more systems and processes, we are also able to remove our emotions, so the business can run more efficiently protecting not just our time but our energy.

3.) We all know how important our mindset is, but often I see business owners trying to solve their mindset problem with mindset work, when actually the problem is a lack of the right structure, systems and strategy in their business. With the right strategic action, our mindset and energy naturally improves. That’s not to say mindset work isn’t important – it 100% is, but it’s not always the problem!

4.) Everyone is great at sales when they have a sales confidence and skills. My client success stories aren’t to say you have to do things in your business in exactly the same way, because every business is different and every business owner at the helm is an individual, but this series is to show you how Mindset,Energy & Strategic action ™️ are hands down the pillars to building you a fully booked business.

This series isn’t to say these are what you must do in your business, because every business owner and every business is different, however it is to show you how Mindset, Energy and strategic action ™️ create amazing results because they are the pillars that every business is built on.

Claire Stansfield is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and Strategist for female entrepreneurs who are ready to get out of their own way and start, grow and scale an impactful, profitable and sustainable business that they love.

She started her first business 26 years ago at the young age of 16, and went on to grow it to be the UK’s most successful wedding hair and make up company, she then took those skills and built 2 other businesses, a multi award-winning event florist and a product business.

Claire made 6 figure+ the first year in her coaching business and just 2 years in, is a multi 6 figure online business coach, she has achieved this by mastering her mindset and energy and optimising proven and effective marketing and sales strategy . She works only between 15-20 hours a week.

When Claire isn’t leading her tribe of passionate and driven entrepreneurs, you will find her with her making up dance routines in the kitchen with her daughter age 5 and her husband.

Claire loves 1:1 yoga, mindfulness, walks by the river and lychee Martinis! When she is at home, she drinks about 8 cups of tea a day!!

Her work over the years has featured in Metro, The Guardian, Yahoo Online, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, BBC and more.

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Alexis Krecelic

– Alexis Krecelic


“Now my income is 5x from the last month and 6x from before!”

Claire is amazing when it comes to detail, instead of a coach, I feel like I have a friend and business partner helping me along.

In the first 10 days of working together I renamed my business, landing a high-end client, redid my branding and design, and found my ideal client and message.

I have now started to scale my business selling group coaching programs, and online courses as well as serving one to one clients consistently.

Now my income is 5x from the last month and 6x from before!

Catherine Taylor

– Catherine Taylor


“Claire helped me DOUBLE my sales in the first month of working together!”

I grew my team and created training courses to add an additional revenue stream which have sold out each time generating me an extra £4,000 a month! In the 6 months working with Claire, I have made 6 figures in sales!

All things I dreamed of doing and never thought in such a short space of time this was possible. As well as helping me create a more professional image for my business and gain more bookings, she has helped me get into the best frame of mind to believe in myself and push myself more than I ever would have without her. As well as exciting, It was quite scary investing money in a business coach, but within the first month of working with Claire I made the money back! It has definitely been the best investment I have ever made in my business and myself and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to grow their business

Kate Avery

– Kate Avery


“When I started the accelerator programme, I was feeling a bit lost and was in need of someone who I could bounce ideas with. I knew in my head what I wanted to do, but needed the push and a dose of confidence and self-belief to make things a reality.
Having the accountability made a huge difference. It ensured that I was doing the do and making moves forward in growing my business.
In the last 6 months, I have planned and launched my online wedding florist mentoring programme for new wedding florists. It is something that I had been throwing around in my head for years! But I needed the push to get it out of my brain, and I was amazed that 14 lovely ladies ended up joining me on my Beta programme. It has been a real success and something which I am absolutely loving delivering. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Claire as a coach and mentor. Claire provided the space for me to start valuing myself and my offering, and gave me the confidence to elevate my prices and truly believe that I deserved success. I made my investment back and more whilst still on the programme and I know that without the support of the accelerator I would still be sat here 6 months on dithering whether to launch my programme!!

Beyond pleased that I joined!”


– Ruth Gilbey


“Claire has so much experience running businesses successfully, I knew she would give me the much needed insight, and experienced support. Claire helped me achieve my goal and in the time we spent working together I made back 12 x what I invested to work with her. Claire helped me with my sales pitch, my webinar and my sales copy, Claire really helped me convert and close sales. Claire isn’t just a brilliant mindset coach, but she also has experience to help you convert sales, and if we aren’t converting and making the sales what’s the point? Many people find it hard selling and promoting themselves and Claire will guide and support you through this, and work with you on your mindset so you feel comfortable selling.

If you want to move forward and have a successful business I highly recommend working with Claire.”