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Your mission is simple- to make a difference doing what you love,  but it turns out signing clients isn’t as simple as the internet would have lead you to believe..

.. Some days you are spending hours scrolling on social media comparing yourself and wondering how they are doing it, and thinking how will you ever stand out!!

You’re watching trainings you’ve signed up for that are flooding your inbox every day, and wasting hours trying to put all the pieces together on your own.

You are so fed up with the highs and the lows of entrepreneurship, you want to help people, you didn’t sign up for all of this!!

Not knowing where to focus your time to speed up your results is leaving you feeling so overwhelmed! 

When (and if) you post on social, the lack of engagement and leads is making you wonder, – will this ever work!?

But it has to, because the thought of it not working and what that will mean is enough to fill you with a sinking feeling of dread!

This has to work!!

You want things to be and feel  more simple.

Well lean in, cos inside The 6 figure freedom Accelerator, I’m sharing the exact strategies that led me to build 4 thriving businesses, make a huge difference and make millions, and help countless clients (who were were you are right now.) go from earning next to nothing in recurring revenue to bringing in multiple 6 figures and some buying their dream homes since!!   


                       6 MONTHS OF SIMPLE, STRAIGHTFORWARD                                          MINDSET, MARKETING & SALES STRATEGY THAT GENERATES                         REGULAR LEADS, WARMS THEM UP SO THEY’RE SO HOT                                AND READY TO BUY AND ULTIMATELY CLOSES YOU THE SALE.

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What if you could own a business that sets your soul alight, makes you more money and gives you more freedom with more fun, and ease along the way?


you absolutely can!

…you want a profitable business that gives you more impact, more money and more freedom….

A magnetic marketing message that lights up your corner of the internet, attracting dream clients with ease

A product suite that you can’t wait to deliver, that dream clients will bite your hands off for

You want simple marketing strategies that play to your strengths, You want sales assets that are constantly working for you and making you money even when you’re watching Netflix or out having fun! You want proven and effective marketing and sales strategies that will allow you to get results more quickly by working smarter NOT harder because your time is precious! 

So, my question is

Are you ready to decide to be supported to make it happen?

to step up and take control of your destiny with both hands!

BUCKLE UP my lovely, AND HOLD ON TO YOUR HAT because this is the heart centred intimate high touch group coaching and mentoring program for you!


My 6-Month Group Coaching & Mentoring Program THE 6-FIGURE SUCCESS SYSTEM This program is the exact training and support you have been waiting for to help you make the life and business your soul is craving, your ACTUAL reality!

I’m going to teach you everything I know

Using my 2 decades experience including building the UK’s #1 wedding hair and make up company, and a 6 figure+ international online coaching business in its first year, from working under 20 hrs a week,

I’m going to teach you EVERYTHING I know about how to build and grow a successful and sustainable business in your own way!

With powerful coaching and mentoring each step of the way, as you flourish into a successful business woman that’s attracting dream clients, and making more sales!

I created the 6 Figure Success System to…

Give you EVERYTHING I wish I’d had when I began my online business: A beautiful hybrid of personalised mindset coaching & mentoring, simple, proven and effective business strategy & trainings, copy review & feedback, and a team of cheerleaders walking alongside you in an exclusive Accelerator FB community! The System has lovingly been designed & crafted to bring you the support, knowledge and community that every business woman needs whose hungry to make her dreams of a successful business, her actual reality.

Alexis Krecelic

– Alexis Krecelic


“Now my income is 5x from the last month and 6x from before!”

Claire is amazing when it comes to detail, instead of a coach, I feel like I have a friend and business partner helping me along.

In the first 10 days of working together I renamed my business, landing a high-end client, redid my branding and design, and found my ideal client and message.

I have now started to scale my business selling group coaching programs, and online courses as well as serving one to one clients consistently.

Now my income is 5x from the last month and 6x from before!

Catherine Taylor

– Catherine Taylor


“Claire helped me DOUBLE my sales in the first month of working together!”

I grew my team and created training courses to add an additional revenue stream which have sold out each time generating me an extra £4,000 a month! In the 6 months working with Claire, I have made 6 figures in sales!

All things I dreamed of doing and never thought in such a short space of time this was possible. As well as helping me create a more professional image for my business and gain more bookings, she has helped me get into the best frame of mind to believe in myself and push myself more than I ever would have without her. As well as exciting, It was quite scary investing money in a business coach, but within the first month of working with Claire I made the money back! It has definitely been the best investment I have ever made in my business and myself and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to grow their business

Kate Avery

– Kate Avery


“When I started the accelerator programme, I was feeling a bit lost and was in need of someone who I could bounce ideas with. I knew in my head what I wanted to do, but needed the push and a dose of confidence and self-belief to make things a reality.
Having the accountability made a huge difference. It ensured that I was doing the do and making moves forward in growing my business.
In the last 6 months, I have planned and launched my online wedding florist mentoring programme for new wedding florists. It is something that I had been throwing around in my head for years! But I needed the push to get it out of my brain, and I was amazed that 14 lovely ladies ended up joining me on my Beta programme. It has been a real success and something which I am absolutely loving delivering. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Claire as a coach and mentor. Claire provided the space for me to start valuing myself and my offering, and gave me the confidence to elevate my prices and truly believe that I deserved success. I made my investment back and more whilst still on the programme and I know that without the support of the accelerator I would still be sat here 6 months on dithering whether to launch my programme!!

Beyond pleased that I joined!”


– Ruth Gilbey


“Claire has so much experience running businesses successfully, I knew she would give me the much needed insight, and experienced support. Claire helped me achieve my goal and in the time we spent working together I made back 12 x what I invested to work with her. Claire helped me with my sales pitch, my webinar and my sales copy, Claire really helped me convert and close sales. Claire isn’t just a brilliant mindset coach, but she also has experience to help you convert sales, and if we aren’t converting and making the sales what’s the point? Many people find it hard selling and promoting themselves and Claire will guide and support you through this, and work with you on your mindset so you feel comfortable selling.

If you want to move forward and have a successful business I highly recommend working with Claire.”

If you are ready to

Master your Mindset, Energy & The Strategic Action To create the business your soul is craving, filled with positive impact, fun and freedom all whilst making bank! If you are ready to start living your second life because you realise you only have the ONE!
Then THIS is 100% for you…

The 6 Figure Success System


The success of any business is 80% down to the owners mindset and energy . Inside this program you you’ll be supported to excavate the limiting beliefs that are standing between you and your next level, so you become unstoppable and shine your bright light and grow and scale your business with clarity, confidence and direction.  


 Be supported to unlock and tap into your unique strengths to create success with more ease and flow energy, by letting go of stagnant energy caused by limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you. 


Learn and be supported with the step by step simple strategic action plus the systems and processes that will save you time and move your business forward to achieve your goals of 6 figure success with more ease.

The 6 Figure Success System

6-MONTH HYBRID OF: Transformational group Coaching & Mentoring with one to one support on every group call, with high quality marketing & sales training, proven & effective templates, Copy review & feedback, and high touch support.

What’s included?

18 powerful Group Coaching and Mentoring where you will have your 1:1 personalised coaching on video call with Claire

We have 18 powerful coaching sessions, for you to get your questions answered, and be supported with your mindset and the strategy you need to hit your goals.

6 Transformational mindset calls with my co coach

PLUS One of the real beauties of this coaching container, is you get to soak up the goodness as you learn from everyone else’s questions along the way too!

Let’s make the next 6 months your best year in business yet!

Value: £7,500

plus all of this!

Video Training’s, Templates and Workbooks

When you join the Accelerator you will unlock my vault of high quality video trainings, templates and workbooks where I will personally walk you through the steps to take to effectively grow your business, using my plethora of knowledge that’s taken from my 26 years in business.
This training includes my infamous sales call framework that sees me convert at 90%-100%, and my coaching clients too!

Training is all in easy to access online modules.

Value: £1,500

Fortnightly Copy review
Your content, Sales pages and Email copy needs messaging that lands effectively with your ideal clients! Share your copy with me and I will tell you what you need to tweak to take your copy from

‘Meh, it’s ok’, to its ready to ‘Drop it like it’s hot!!!’ so it gets you more qualified leads and makes you more sales!!!

Value: £2,000

Weekly Q & A Exclusive Facebook Community Q & A Threads where you will be able to ask your burning questions, so you never get stuck. You’ll also be surrounded, and supported by like-minded entrepreneurs sharing the Accelerator journey…

Value: £1,500

Exclusive Hypnosis Audio My own mindset coach will help you to get your subconscious onboard with a powerful hypnosis, so you are able to continuously overcome the mindset demons that business growth throws up. This is going to help you fully own your badass and leave self-doubt demons for dust!

Value: £250

That’s a total value of:



you can get it all for…





  • 18 Intimate group coaching sessions
  • Weekly Q & A Threads
  • Fortnightly Copy review and feedback 
  • Access to my vault of exclusive trainings, workbooks and high converting landing page and funnel templates.
  • Guest experts
  • My sales call script that converts sales calls at 90%, and training 





  • 18 Intimate group coaching sessions
  • Weekly Q & A Threads
  • Fortnightly Copy review and feedback 
  • Access to my vault of exclusive trainings, workbooks and high converting landing page and funnel templates.
  • Guest experts
  • My sales call script that converts sales calls at 90%, and training











Claire Stansfield is a business coach and Strategist for businesswomen, who are seriously ready to get out of their own way and start making the money they deserve from doing what they love and making a positive impact in the world. She started her first business 26 years ago at the young age of 16, and went on to grow it to be the UK’s most successful wedding hair and make up company, she then took those skills and built 2 other businesses, a multi award-winning event florist and a product business. Claire’s online business coaching practice has seen her make 6 figures+ a year from working under 20 hours a week, and £53,000 in sales in just 8 weeks this summer. When Claire isn’t leading her tribe of passionate and driven entrepreneurs, you will find her with her making up dance routines in the kitchen with her daughter age 5 and her husband. Claire loves 1:1 yoga, mindfulness, walks by the river and lychee Martinis! When she is at home, she drinks about 8 cups of tea a day!! Her work over the years has featured in Metro, The Guardian, Yahoo Online, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, BBC and more.

Still have questions for me?

What is The Accelerator?

The Accelerator is an interactive program thats a  hybrid of business coaching , training and mentoring, and community connection- its inspired by ideal clients through me listening and learning about what you want and need!

Is the Accelerator right for me?

t doesn’t matter where you at now,  because its all about where you want to go, because this program is about getting you where you want to be!  So if you are ready to do the work to get you to the next level then 100% this is for you!

How much access do I have to Claire?

An incredible amount for the price of this program!  I wanted to make it accessible for you, to get what you need to sky rocket your results!  You are getting 24 x 1 hour group coaching calls and access to me twice a week inside the group, plus you get to meet me in person at a live  in person event.

What’s your refund policy?

Because this is an interactive program that’s run live, and it includes personalised coaching, there will be no refunds given. I’ve never had anyone ask for a refund for any content or courses I’ve released.

So are you ready to turn your business into a vehicle to make a difference in the world and for you to have more joy and freedom doing what you love?
Let’s do this!

This epic & revolutionary supportive program designed to help you skyrocket your results in 2023

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the 6-figure success SYSTEM