One thing that I absolutely live by, and that’s largely contributed to my success in all 4 of my businesses, is putting service and the satisfaction of our clients – i.e. people at the forefront of EVERYTHING we do!!

So, I am so excited to share this success story with you as I believe it to be such a beautiful illustration of what is possible when you come from a place of service and selling with heart as well as maintaining an intention to make your business as profitable as possible!

I see many business owners in the online space shooting themselves in the foot by being too rigid with their offers.

What do I mean by this?

If you have someone in front of you who wants to work with you and that you know you can help, but your existing offers aren’t a great fit for them, I recommend creating something that is tailored to meet their needs to help get them closer.
Now, let me be clear. I do not mean doing this at the detriment of your own boundaries, signing someone who isn’t a good fit to work with you, undercharging or doing something that doesn’t feel good to you.

Read on to see what I do mean.


If I hadn’t of offered this amazing woman an intensive (that I didn’t have on offer at the time.) we both would have lost out BIG TIME! Read until the end.


This client came to me wanting to grow her design business, she was feeling frustrated not knowing what strategies to use or how to use them best to get clients. Lacking self-belief and confidence in her abilities to make the money she wanted from doing something she loved that helped people, meant she was undercharging and feeling like her boundaries weren’t being respected by any existing clients, which was taking away some of her joy. Being in the online space meant that she was seeing what other designers were achieving and how much money they were making and found herself in comparison mode, not knowing where she needed to focus her time to move closer towards her goal of predicable and consistent leads and sales and enjoying her business again. During this client first call with me, we both felt a connection. I had helped other designers before and knew I could help her reach her goals too, but the investment in my full 6-month program felt too much of a leap for her. I suggested what is now called my Clarity-Content-Clients Intensive, I knew this would get her moving in the right direction to start attracting dream leads and making sales. She was a big YES ! We started with a deep dive coaching call to craft an irresistible offer, with magnetic messaging to attract her dream leads, this was followed by remote support with marketing copy consultancy where I gave her direct feedback on her content before she posted it. Inside this container, she decided to raise her rates, and I showed her how to shift her messaging and marketing to bring everything into alignment. Within a few days a new pay in full client came forward paying her new rates, they had been activated after reading one of her new sales posts. Happy at the progress she had already made and seeing how much there was still to work on to build a business that brought her predictable, consistent and sustainable sales, she decided to take the leap and invest in my 6-month coaching program, opting for the monthly payment plan. Her results have been nothing short of incredible, both in terms of tangible and intangible! My client has overcome her fear of being visible online, hosted her first live event which helped her grow her email list, and make sales. The best bit? She surprised herself, and she actually found herself loving it! This week she said to me- You have helped me gain so much more confidence in my abilities, my money mindset has been completely transformed- The last few months she has been cruising into 5-5.6K a month, she now has proven and effective strategies that work for her and that she enjoys actioning.


When this client first came to work with me, she had real visibility fears, being an introvert, the thought of posting regularly online, showing her face and especially going live made her feel really uncomfortable. It was a real block for her. My client had been undercharging and over delivering, leaving her feeling resentful, she had money mindset blocks associated with making money from helping people and doing something that she enjoyed. My client knew what she should be doing, but her fears of being seen by family members and old school friends online resulted in fear of judgement, these fears really stood in the way of her owning her brilliance. Using powerful questioning and holding space for her, we were able to gently explore the blocked energy and get to the root cause of it, so she could let go of old beliefs that had been standing in her way, and choose new empowering beliefs that served her. As a result, she has grown in confidence, and fully express her authentic self through her messaging. My client was committed to becoming consistent with her mindset work, because she saw this made a big difference in progressing towards the results she wanted, but every time she came close to a 5k months she pulled back from doing it, and so working to break this pattern was some of the most important work we did together, so she could cruise through the goal and maintain the income months she had been desiring for so long.


This client values joy, and so one of the questions I asked her frequently was – How can you bring more joy to this action? What would feel more joyful to you? This enabled her to make decisions more quickly, and shift her energy, which meant she was able to approach her whole business through the lens of meeting her need for joy. She decided that she would pin everything back to a meaning that brought her joy-connection, people and serving, she chose to trust that money would come as an inevitable bi product of this, and of course it did! My client went from overworking to giving herself a day off a week to follow her joy, sometimes that looked like working on her passion projects, and other times not working at all. By valuing herself more, she was able to create clearer client boundaries, which protected her energy, allowing for more growth.

Strategic Action:

A willingness to push her edges and overcome her fears meant she was able to explore marketing and sales strategies without limits to find what worked best for her business to reach her desired results. She filled and hosted her first live event on Facebook after being afraid of going live (and found she loved it!), she posted regularly on Facebook and Instagram with intentional content, and videos on stories, she has found her rhythm with a high converting opt in and an optimised funnel to attract and warm up leads. I also supported her to implement standard optimising processes and systems to save her time, improve her clients experience as well as give her a feeling of safety as she began to hold more clients at one time.

My Thoughts and takeaways:

1.) It is so important to check in regularly that we are continuing to build a business that’s in alignment with our values, so we don’t end up with a business that we want to burn down. When growth happens it can happen fast and this is one of the things that can go out of the window, so helping my client stay in alignment with her joy to build her business with joy at the heart has been just incredible. 2.) So much of this clients growth has come from a willingness to call herself out. The level of self awareness she gained meant she has been able to break the patterns that weren’t serving her faster, and this also enabled us to deep dive and explore the real problems V the surface problems, which is what creates lasting sustainable growth. 3.) Sometimes the people we love don’t know how to show their support and pride, but they are watching us! There have been many times when we cried happy tears together, and I had goosebumps witnessing her transformation. The most recent was when she told me that she had been able to go a few months without asking for any help from her husband, and he’d bought her a new piece of office furniture as his way of saying he was proud of her!

In my introduction to this Success story, I talked about my belief in the power of helping people get started.

By creating an offer that wasn’t already in my product suite, that came from my heart, this incredible woman was able to get the support to grow her business that she desired and deserved. She went from self-doubt, where she was undercharging with no clear boundaries, to having 5-5.6K months on repeat, growing a CEO confident mindset with a much higher level of self-worth, boundaries and a robust funnel that’s bringing her a steady flow of leads and clients!!

We have been working together for the past year, and her initial investment in my Clarity, Content Clients intensive (which was for 2 weeks.), turned into a beautiful journey for us both!

This series isn’t to say these are what you must do in your business, because every business owner and every business is different, however it is to show you how Mindset, Energy and strategic action ™️ create amazing results because they are the pillars that every business is built on.

Claire Stansfield is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and Strategist for female entrepreneurs who are ready to get out of their own way and start, grow and scale an impactful, profitable and sustainable business that they love.

She started her first business 26 years ago at the young age of 16, and went on to grow it to be the UK’s most successful wedding hair and make up company, she then took those skills and built 2 other businesses, a multi award-winning event florist and a product business.

Claire made 6 figure+ the first year in her coaching business and just 2 years in, is a multi 6 figure online business coach, she has achieved this by mastering her mindset and energy and optimising proven and effective marketing and sales strategy . She works only between 15-20 hours a week.

When Claire isn’t leading her tribe of passionate and driven entrepreneurs, you will find her with her making up dance routines in the kitchen with her daughter age 5 and her husband.

Claire loves 1:1 yoga, mindfulness, walks by the river and lychee Martinis! When she is at home, she drinks about 8 cups of tea a day!!

Her work over the years has featured in Metro, The Guardian, Yahoo Online, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, BBC and more.

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Alexis Krecelic

– Alexis Krecelic


“Now my income is 5x from the last month and 6x from before!”

Claire is amazing when it comes to detail, instead of a coach, I feel like I have a friend and business partner helping me along.

In the first 10 days of working together I renamed my business, landing a high-end client, redid my branding and design, and found my ideal client and message.

I have now started to scale my business selling group coaching programs, and online courses as well as serving one to one clients consistently.

Now my income is 5x from the last month and 6x from before!

Catherine Taylor

– Catherine Taylor


“Claire helped me DOUBLE my sales in the first month of working together!”

I grew my team and created training courses to add an additional revenue stream which have sold out each time generating me an extra £4,000 a month! In the 6 months working with Claire, I have made 6 figures in sales!

All things I dreamed of doing and never thought in such a short space of time this was possible. As well as helping me create a more professional image for my business and gain more bookings, she has helped me get into the best frame of mind to believe in myself and push myself more than I ever would have without her. As well as exciting, It was quite scary investing money in a business coach, but within the first month of working with Claire I made the money back! It has definitely been the best investment I have ever made in my business and myself and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to grow their business

Kate Avery

– Kate Avery


“When I started the accelerator programme, I was feeling a bit lost and was in need of someone who I could bounce ideas with. I knew in my head what I wanted to do, but needed the push and a dose of confidence and self-belief to make things a reality.
Having the accountability made a huge difference. It ensured that I was doing the do and making moves forward in growing my business.
In the last 6 months, I have planned and launched my online wedding florist mentoring programme for new wedding florists. It is something that I had been throwing around in my head for years! But I needed the push to get it out of my brain, and I was amazed that 14 lovely ladies ended up joining me on my Beta programme. It has been a real success and something which I am absolutely loving delivering. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Claire as a coach and mentor. Claire provided the space for me to start valuing myself and my offering, and gave me the confidence to elevate my prices and truly believe that I deserved success. I made my investment back and more whilst still on the programme and I know that without the support of the accelerator I would still be sat here 6 months on dithering whether to launch my programme!!

Beyond pleased that I joined!”


– Ruth Gilbey


“Claire has so much experience running businesses successfully, I knew she would give me the much needed insight, and experienced support. Claire helped me achieve my goal and in the time we spent working together I made back 12 x what I invested to work with her. Claire helped me with my sales pitch, my webinar and my sales copy, Claire really helped me convert and close sales. Claire isn’t just a brilliant mindset coach, but she also has experience to help you convert sales, and if we aren’t converting and making the sales what’s the point? Many people find it hard selling and promoting themselves and Claire will guide and support you through this, and work with you on your mindset so you feel comfortable selling.

If you want to move forward and have a successful business I highly recommend working with Claire.”