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Claire is amazing when it comes to detail, instead of a coach I feel like I have a friend and business partner helping me along. In the first 10 days of working together I renamed my business, landing a high end client, redid my branding and design, and found my ideal client and message. I have now started to scale my business selling group coaching programs, and online courses as well as serving one to one clients consistently.

Alexis Krecelic Business Owner, 'Start with Lemon'

Claire has taken me out of my comfort zone, and taken me from a baby in business to a blossoming business lady and I can't thank her enough! I am now fully booked with one to one coaching clients and working on an online course so I can earn a passive income whilst on maternity leave.

Claire thank you so much for showing me the confidence I didn't know I had.

You're a Queen.

- Jemma Malone

Business Owner, 'The Empowered Mums Coach '