A 5 Step challenge to Attract more dream leads

Starting 14tH June

Are you feeling frustrated and lost with what to do to get more leads?

Are you putting out content, and getting limited connection?

Are you wishing someone would just tell you what to do to get more clients?

That’s why I created ‘Skyrocket Your Leads’
Challenge to help you.

I have fully booked 3 of my businesses year on year, including the UK’s largest wedding hair and make-up company, an award-winning floral business and my 6 figure+ a year coaching business… and helped dozens of my coaching clients to do the same.

I’ve created this challenge with 5 simple proven and effective steps, delivered to you over 5 days, as 5 trainings and 1 powerful workbook, to help you get more leads, so you can attract dream clients, get more leads and become fully booked too..

Are You Ready to Start building Your Dream Business today?

Join Experienced  Business Coach & Strategist
Claire Nicole to…




Are You Ready to Start building Your Dream Business today?


I’m Claire

I’m so pleased you’re here! It’s MY MISSION to help YOU unlock, AND EMBODY your super powers, TO BOLDLY TAKE ACTION ON THE STRATEGY THAT WILL SKY ROCKET YOUR SALES!

I use my  skills as an ICF accredited success coach and business strategist WITH 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE BUILDING AND GROWING SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES, to help YOU build a thriving AND SUSTAINABLE business that lights YOUR soul on fire, GIVING YOU WAY MORE IMPACT & MONEY.

I TRULY believe that with the right mindset, energy and strategic action YOU TOO can own a highly profitable business &  LIFE THAT YOU LOVE BY YOUR OWN DESIGN, LIKE I HAVE ACHIEVED TIME AND TIME AGAIN, USING MY 3 PILLAR FRAMEWORK OF MINDSET, ENERGY & STRATEGIC ACTION.

Are You Ready to Start building Your Dream Business today?

I began building my first of 4 successful businesses at just 16, and turned it into a 7 figure hair and make up brand.

A couple of years ago after having my little girl I decided to train as an ICF accredited coach with Full Circle, this was following a positive experience I’d had with a business success coach, and not only improving my company but my life.

After going on to train with RobbinsMaddanes (Tony Robbins coaching school.), I decided to team my 2 decades business experience with my coaching skills to help woman create their version of a successful business in their way.

my clients have…

* made 6 figure sales in 6 months
* Tripled their sales
* grown from 1k months to consistent 18k months
* filled out 1:1 offers & group programs

ALL using 3 pillar BUSINESS growth method of mindset, energy and strategic action.

It’s time to make that unlived dream your actual reality!!

I honestly cant recommend Claire enough!

During my coaching with Claire, I have TRIPLED the size of my business! My mindset has improved so much.

I have increased sales, increased profit, increase social media followers and engagement!

I’m owning my own value, and I’m thinking like a boss. Claire is totally honest, unbiased and always on hand for support in between sessions. If you want to take your business to the next level, I 100% recommend you have business coaching with Claire.

- Pipa Cross

Business Owner, 'Be You Weddings'

Claire has taken me out of my comfort zone, and taken me from a baby in business to a blossoming business lady and I cant thank her enough!

I am now fully booked with one to one coaching clients and working on an online course so I can earn a passive income whilst on maternity leave.

Claire thank you so much for showing me the confidence I didn’t know I had.

You are a Queen.

- Jemma Malon

Business Owner, The Empowered Mums Coach

 Claire helped me DOUBLE my sales in the first month of working together, I grew my team and created training courses to add an additional revenue stream which have sold out each time generating me an extra £4,000 a month! In the 6 months working with Claire I have made 6 figures in sales!

All things I dreamed of doing and never thought in such a short space of time this was possible. As well as helping me create a more professional image for my business and gain more bookings, she has helped me get into the best frame of mind to believe in myself and push myself more than I ever would have without her. As well as exciting, It was quite scary investing money in a business coach but within the first month of working with Claire I made the money back! It has definitely been the best investment I have ever made in my business and myself and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to grow their business

- Catherine Taylor

Business Owner

Claire is amazing when it comes to detail, instead of a coach I feel like I have a friend and business partner helping me along.

In the first 10 days of working together I renamed my business, landing a high end client, redid my branding and design, and found my ideal client and message.

I have now started to scale my business selling group coaching programs, and online courses as well as serving one to one clients consistently.

Now my income is 5x from the last month and 6x from before!

-Alexis Krecelic

Business Owner, Start With Lemon

Are You Ready to Start building Your Dream Business today?