strategy intensive to create a


so you’re ready to build your 6-figure business

& you are so over and done with…

Sitting at your computer staring at a blank screen, feeling tense and frustrated because you don’t know what to say, so your audience pays attention, and takes action.

Hitting ‘post’, and going back every 20 minutes to see what traction it’s got… Wondering if this post will make you a sale, or get you more sign-ups ?

Not getting the sign-ups you want for your launches and conversion events.
Hearing- I’d love to work with you…. But I can’t afford it right now.
Having people say that are ‘All in’ on your sales call, only to ghost you once you have sent the paperwork for them to pay you to get started.
Seeing your money for FB ads pour down the drain because the message you are sharing has flopped, and just isn’t converting.
Feeling fed up with comparing yourself to everyone online, and wondering how on earth they are doing it, and making it look so easy?!
…and when you do FINALLY book a sales call, whoo hoo!!! (Pop the champers!!) You find out the person hasn’t got two cents to rub together, let alone pay you! Aghhhh!!!


it’s exhausting

I was there when I first started my online business.

Want to know what changed and led me to making 44k in 8 weeks?

My Message.

…because when you have a money-making message that you integrate it into your marketing, Your 6-figure business becomes inevitable.

I now only work 15–20 hours a week and live my life by design, and that’s just my coaching business success.

I have built 3 other fully booked companies before this one, thanks to having a powerful marketing message for each of them!


Maybe you’re thinking…

“That’s great for someone like you, Claire.
But, can a money-making message
really help me to make six-figures, too?”

to which, I’d answer,

These results aren’t only mine

This is what I help every client with so they can

build a powerful brand

that allows them to get their own big results
without hustling/working more hours.

like Catherine Taylor

…who scaled to 6 figures in 6 months by working with me on the EXACT messaging that made her stand out from her competition, so her ideal clients knew immediately why to choose her company over anyone else’s.

like Sophie Murphy

…who went from no sales to fully booked with a 3-month waitlist, we worked on the messaging to re-position her offers, which attracted her dream clients that respected her expertise and paid her high ticket prices, meaning she had less work and more money and plenty of time with her young family.

like Wendy

… I helped Wendy with her messaging to market and position herself as a midlife coach to her audience that had previously seen her as a fitness instructor, triple her coaching rates to make high ticket sales, and sell out her one to one coaching, and her first group programs.

YES! I'm ready to create my 6-figure message

now it’s your turn

just imagine this

Sitting down at the laptop to write promo content for your upcoming event and knowing exactly what to say, so you’ll have your ideal clients stopping their scroll, feeling curious to know more and registering on the spot.
Or hitting the ‘Go live’ button, and the message you feel aligned and ready to share just pouring from you with confidence and conviction, giving you thought leadership status.
Saying hello, to cheaper converting ads and a bigger email list of dream leads!
Saying hello to an ever-growing social media account with a loyal following.
Having a powerful brand message that belongs to you and your business, one that helps you to carve out your niche.
Saying hello to high ticket sales, and your competition becoming irrelevant!
The notifications on your Stripe account clocking up on your phone’s screensaver, and hitting those consistent £10k and £20k months like my clients are, and finally making the 6-figure business that you have been dreaming of and your life by design your ACTUAL reality!

It’s your time

YES! I'm ready to create my 6-figure message

now it’s your turn

Every six-figure business has an

effective marketing strategy behind it

and ALL effective marketing strategies start with a powerful marketing message!

So are you ready for…



Consistent £10K-£20K months!!


Cheaper ad costs, because your ads are converting again, and sending you a flurry of perfect fit leads into your inbox.


Your warm-up events fill up with people that your offers are perfectly positioned to help, and you are smashing your multi 5 figure launches again!!


To attract high paying clients that you’ll LOVE working with and that blur the lines between work and play, because isn’t that why you started your business in the first place?!

have I read your mind yet?

YES! I'm ready to create my 6-figure message

now it’s your turn

This is where I start with EVERY client I work with to help them grow a sustainable 6-figure business.

Your Money making message is what
will have you standing out and getting noticed by the right people, the people who need your help the most!

Hey, I’m Claire

I help high achievers like you, create, grow and scale profitable, rewarding and sustainable businesses,

I’m a straight talking – shoot from the heart accredited business coach, and results driven marketing and sales strategist, whose passion is to help my clients create roaring success and financial independence.

Before starting my multi 6-figure online business coaching practice, I built and scaled 3 other companies, my first, 28 years ago, an agency which I grew to become the largest in its sector in the UK with a team of 15.

The philosophy I apply to every business, at every level of growth, is that business requires an owner with a strong mindset and simple strategic action, and this is what I help my clients get, and keep.

Using this same philosophy as in my other companies, I grew my online coaching business to become a 6-figure plus business in its first year, working no more than 20 hours a week.  I have helped my clients make 6 figures in 6 months, rapidly grow from €1k months to consistent €18k months, and barely making any sales, to tripling their rates, filling their one to one services and scaling to fully booked group coaching programs!


I believe that

“Our business is our vehicle to create the level of freedom, and financial independence we want for ourselves, to enjoy life with those we love, as well as playing our part in creating the difference we want to see in the world.”

lets break it down

What’s Included


We’ll start off by looking at your existing messaging, and what is and isn’t working for you, so we can focus on what will attract and convert dream clients that can’t wait to pay you.


Inside this full two week intensive, you’ll have 2 hours of coaching and strategising with me, made up of 1 x 90 mins session deep coaching and a follow-up 30-minute session two weeks later to go over any final questions, and ensure you are clear on the strategy and next right action steps to bring in consistent dream leads and clients.


You’ll have two full weeks of email support, so if you have any questions (e.g. how to reply to a new enquiry so you can increase your chances of booking them as a client) I will be in your back pocket to support you.


I am all about supporting my clients to optimise their strategy, so you’ll have my eyes on up to 2 pieces of new content that you create with your new money making message, and I show you where and exactly how to strengthen it for optimum results.


Depending on your strategy intensive, you’ll get either my ideal client, & content creation workbooks so you can create your content marketing strategy system OR my 90% sales call conversion framework, so when you get your new leads through you’ll know exactly how to convert them.

VIP upgrade!

If you decide you’d like to jump in and join me, inside my 6-month VIP one on one coaching container within 48 hours of completing your intensive, your investment will be credited against your first month.

This intensive will be tailored to suit you and your businesses specific needs and goals, other areas of focus may include:


Deep Understanding

A deep dive to understand your ideal client more deeply, so you know exactly where to find them, how to speak to the problem you solve for them and the transformation you’ll help them facilitate, so they want to pay you for your help and support.

Your Road Map

Creating your sales road map, including how to position and price your offers with messaging that will attract well suited leads to fill your pipeline of dream fit clients that pay you well.

Your Investment:


so are you ready to

Switch on your ‘Open for business sign’, with clear, confident messaging that leads your people to the ‘buy now/book a call’ button?
Start making the money you have been working so hard for so you can treat those you love, and live your life by your design,

I can’t wait to make this happen

Your next step to a ‘message that makes you money’ is to click the book now button and get yourself booked in.

YES! I'm ready to create my 6-figure message

now it’s your turn

I was there when I first started my online business.

The solution is your messaging, because when you have a money making message that you feel fully behind and confident to share…

everything changes