I am a RMT Strategic Intervention life & business coach that is ICF accredited. This means I am a highly qualified coach and I am insured.

I use a mixture of coaching techniques including  powerful questioning and active listening/ reflection. These all help to create self-awareness.  I work within The 6 Human needs psychology framework.  With some clients I may also bring in some hypnotherapy techniques known as ‘Ericksonian therapy’, and  ‘NLP’.

I would like to briefly explain why I became an elite coach, and why this title and responsibility to help ‘YOU’  means so much to me.

I started working with a life coach 5 years ago to overcome certain challenges in my life.  In a short conversation, I overcame one of my biggest limiting beliefs and I broke free! I honestly don’t think I would be living as happily as I am now if it wasn’t for my coaching journey.  I overcame the effects of bullying that had occurred some 20 years previous, I also broke out of a unhappy relationship and discovered the real me, this then enabled me to meet the love of my life, get married and have a baby, and all with 3 years!

Coaching can bring self awareness, and can help you overcome almost anything, allowing you to move forward with your life with clarity, certainty and determination! Coaching literally can turn your life around, I am proof!

Let’s discover whats possible for you.

My WHY Story

I know what it’s like to struggle, and feel like you might have to give up on the thing that you love. I remember when I was building my first business, I took two steps forward and one step back. I didn’t know how to get the results I wanted, I lacked confidence with strategy and felt frustrated and lost.
Until one day I realised that I had a choice, I could  carry on struggling, playing small or let go of fear and take brave bold action to go and learn exactly what I needed to to make my dream business happen.

I  chose to take control, and grab my dreams with both hands! I haven’t looked back.

In that very moment I knew that my vision was much bigger than my fear..

I put my heart and my soul into my business. I built a strong brand, and an outstanding reputation that gave us consistent 5 figure months. More than 20 years later and we are still going strong!

I took the same philosophy when I built my multi award winning event florist 8 years ago, and my online coaching business.

My mission is to help woman take control of their fear, so they can take bold action on the powerful strategy they need to build the business of their dreams.

Are you ready to blur the lines between work and play, to live your happiest life full of freedom and Fun and Love.  Like I have for the last 20 years? YOU can do this!!

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